Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Fallout 3 DLCs

I would like to briefly comment on every DLC released for Fallout 3 and express my opinions on them.

Operation Anchorage
Looked innocent from the start but turned into worst DLC pretty quick. Narrow corridors, no choices, no story and weird squad management. Only worth for the Chinese stealth armor it introduced. Being all the time in virtual reality of combat simulator, you are unable to loot enemies whose simply vanish after you kill them. You find everything from weapons, ammo or health canisters(!) served on silver plates for you. The interesting part was when you had to fight one of the Chimera tanks, but sadly it ended rather quick and you never encountered another. That would be interesting challenge to face very strong and heavy armored enemies and have to outmaneuver them.

The Pitt
My favorite DLC. Filled with despair and hopeless atmosphere where you have to work hard to get better equipment and survive. Ending with hard choice and story worth remembering. Introduced among other things the Infiltrator assault rifle, awesome for stealth relying characters such as mine.

Broken Steel
Liberty Prime was destroyed. Enough said. It was surprising that Enclave had all the time all these facilities and it was on par with Brotherhood occupying one building. Not much story here, but solid action. Introduces Tesla Cannon capable of shooting down vertibirds.

Point Lookout
Extremely tough locals and horror atmosphere filled this DLC. To counterweight this, comic or funny element are often to be found, such as bobble head figurines parody, interesting story line with competing ghouls and the fate of Chinese secret agent made this addition worth remembering.

Mothership Zeta
Weird DLC and hard to judge. Personally, I did not like it much. Monotonous interiors and enemies, not much story or atmosphere. And the small girl was extremely annoying but I was forced to accept her help every time and suffer her wise speeches. Too bad that the rescued samurai did not play any significant role later. Same goes for all saved NPC whose fight by your side all the time to get their freedom back but in the end, they illogically decide to stay on the spaceship to "watch over it for you".

If I have to sort those DLCs by quality and entertainment, it would probably look like this:

1. The Pitt
2. Point Lookout
3. Broken Steel
4. Mothership Zeta
5. Operation Anchorage

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