Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Fallout series

For the long time I ignored Fallout series for no apparent reason. I have played Fallout 1 and 2 back when I was young but found them too difficult and lacked some guidance what to do next. Partially it was caused by my language barrier and turn-based combat system which I did not like much.

Few years later I got my hands on Fallout Tactics and it got me hooked. I did not have to worry what to do next or where to go. The missions were clearly defined and I was able to focus on the action element of the game which I really enjoyed. Being able to command whole squad brought countless options how to deal with enemies. Luring them to elaborate traps and equip each member accordingly. Needless to say, I have completed the game with various character builds and difficulties.

Finally, Fallout 3 was recommended to me by a friend, who praised it to the heaven. But to my disappointment, it did not entertain me. I have managed to escape from the vault and get to the first settlement: Megaton. Then the feeling of confusion or uncertainty what to do next got me again as in F1 and F2. It might have been caused by the slowness of my PC back then, but I have decided to uninstall it.

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