Thursday, 23 February 2012

Star Wars: The Old Republic, part 1

First of all, I was not big fan of Star Wars and found the idea of lightsaber bit too unrealistic. However, I liked the SW Knights of Old Republic 1 and 2 for its story and rpg elements and as usual, I have completed them many times with various characters builds. For that reason I have looked forward to the interesting new MMO from SW universe, which promised greater story focus than other MMOs. The story line was special for each class, including 8 story lines in total I believe, showed great potential for replaying plus dark or light side dialogue choices.

I was able to take part in two public weekend betatests but was a bit dissapointed after that. First, the graphic was not what I expected, textures lacked detail and for example legs armor texture was applied directly to character model, resulting in the meeting of latex lovers. Furthermore the feeling of free world was restrained by separated sections connected with taxi service. And confusing map as a bonus.

The beta version did not have frame limiter, which make it uncomfortable to play on laptops. I was pushing on high details to 80 fps, but the laptop was seriosly overheating. After lowering details, the fps raised to 110 and overheating appeared again. I was hoping that they will add frame limiter on release date or first few patch, but that did not happen.

To be continued...

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