Sunday, 26 February 2012

Star Wars: The Old Republic, part 2

Despite flaws I found in beta tests, I was hoping that they will be fixed on release date or that they simply did not include them to beta test. For example Dual Talent builds, which was what I missed most while playing in groups. We were always missing the spec I currently was not but could have been, which irritated me quite a lot.

I bought my copy of the game about one month after release, hoping that starting zones will be emptier and I will not have to fight for every quest mob. The economy in auction house should have been up and running and a lot of bugs should have been hotfixed.

Since they deleted my characters from beta, there was no reason for me to go to full server. I have joined the medium populated pve english Bacca Blade server. And by medium, they meant empty. While leveling, I saw only 10 players on max level. That should have been warning for me, as I will explain later on. The first impression ofter lenghty instalation was that nothing changed from beta. No dual talents build, no looking for group tool and no frame limiter.

The game is in my opinion clone of World of Warcraft set in Star Wars universe. If you played WoW, you know exactly how things here works and where to find them. The keyboard shortcuts are even same! The only inovative ideas were the unique stories for each class and side and the story zones for respective classes. I wanted to play SW:TOR as a substitute for WoW, because I grew bored of it, but here I get WoW clone.

To be continued in next part: questing and leveling

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