Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Fallout 3

For long three years the game was forgotten. Till the beginning of year 2012 when I got bored of new Star Wars The Old Republic MMO after 14 days of playing and blamed myself for investing money to it. I have decided to get back to one of my older games and now I am glad that the choice fell on Fallout 3.

I have upgraded my notebook since the last attempt so I was able set detail level to high and was not forced to switch to normal after 10 seconds in game. I have expected the same feeling of confusion as before, but not this time. I have actually studied quests' description and found that all needed hints were there. As usual my first character was good guy, willing to help even sad looking rock with puppy eyes and for free. Obvious choice were specializations in small guns and sneak. Few levels later, I have discovered importance of repair, lockpick and science, and even later energy guns.

Experienced from Fallout Tactics, I have chosen two perks to boost XP gain only to discover the level cap earlier than most players. The Mysterious Stranger was good for few laughs, but did not entertain or help in long run. Despite choosing a lot of useless perks, I have become way too overpowered for wasteland which soon killed the atmosphere. I remember loading only after I have stepped on trap or encountered the extra hard ghoul. The feared deathclaw from previous games have become quite harmless pet except for surprise attacks in pack of three.

The story was nothing epic like we are used to from other games, but it felt more believable for me that way, except for the self sacrifice of one close NPC, which was not in my opinion necessary. In the final moments of the game, I was disappointed by the results of my choices where every action guided by best intention backfired in some aspects. I hope its not spoil anymore that the addition of modified virus to the purifier to kill dangerous mutants that threaten humanity resulted in killing a lot of people too.

Overall, it was a good and entertaining game for me and I am glad I gave it second chance. Only few negative things that come to my mind are few crashes to desktop and too many corridors in Washington which sometimes were hard to navigate through.

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  1. Good time I had.
    How many people I stole... Not enough, I guess.